Saturday, October 16, 2010

flashback friday {a day late}

The verdict is in . . .
. . . she's a Stoll baby!
{no doubt about it!}
Sara Evelyn::5 days old

Here are newborn pictures of all 6 of our kiddos. Do you think you can tell who's who?
I'm their mom, and I think it's pretty tough.
Maybe, if you get all 6 right, they'll be a prize in it for you. {bonus points if you also know whose hands are in each picture -- well, you know, the pictures that have hands in them, that is!}
Give it a shot! C'mon, just try::

Which Stoll sibling do you think Sara looks most like?


  1. Well, I'm pretty sure that I maybe have one correct. My apologies in advance to all the Stoll kids for potentially calling girls boys and visa goes a big guess!

    1. Joe
    2. Lydia, with Shana's hand
    3. Jacob, Kirby's hand
    4. Anna, with Grandma Marcia's hand
    5. Rebekah, with Kirby's hand

    Again, apologies to all the adorable Stoll kiddos and loving hands whom I've wrongly named. I guess we know that there are really strong genes in the Stoll house!

  2. Here are my guesses - I won't tell you how long I worked on this :)

    1. Joe
    2. Jacob - Shana
    3. Anna - Shana
    4. Sara - Kirby
    5. Lydia - Marcia
    6. Rebekah - Kirby


  3. 1. Joe
    2. Jacob, Marcia hands
    3. Anna, Shana
    4. Sara, Kirby
    5. Lydia, Marcia's hands
    6. Rebekah, Doug??

    It's hard to tell by the photos but I think she looks like Anna to me. Totally guessing on the hands part- so don't get offended please.


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