Thursday, October 7, 2010

thankful thursday

Today I'm extra thankful for this guy::
38 years ago today he was born in pretty rough shape. He had a collapsed lung and the doctors weren't sure he was going to make it. I'm SO very thankful he did!

Happy birthday Kirbs! We love you so much and are thankful for you each and every day!

The kids pooled their money to get their dad a Target gift card. They counted out their ones and quarters and a few dollars worth of dimes to the very patient checker at Target and got him a $15 gift card -- after much debate about which specific gift card they should choose . . . the one that said "happy bday", the one with presents on it, the one that allows you to play a game of thumb war? There are so many to choose from, and when there is more than one Stoll kiddo invested in the decision, it can cause much angst! And now, since they gave it to Kirb there is much discussion on what he should spend it on {although they assured him that he should get whatever he wants!} Rebekah suggested he could just go to the checkout isle and load up on candy. Joe is convinced that he should use it to buy the Joker cave {Joe's poor Joker is currently homeless and this makes Joe very sad nearly every single day!} There was also discussion of purchasing a movie for our family with the money. Ah, the choices are so hard, I hope Kirb can handle the stress of the decision.

This will be another exiting year for our family, I'm sure, with the newest member arriving soon and all the excitement that will add to our house and our family. I distinctly remember helping Kirb to celebrate his 20th birthday {that was a big deal . . . he was no longer a teenager!}. I even remember the gift I got him. {I'm quite sure it's still in this house somewhere}. I can't believe that was nearly 20 years ago already; the time sure does fly! I've enjoyed each and every celebration! Happy birthday to my very favorite non-teenager of all time!

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