Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stoll baby answers {really late in coming}

Ok, so maybe you've already forgotten about this post, but at least one of you hasn't {Hi, Margaret!} and reminded me that I never posted the answers to which Stoll baby was which. So, here goes::

The very top baby is Sara {that one was given}, then 6 pictures follow -- one of each of our kids, and they are::

Jacob {my hands holding him}
Anna {Kirby's hands}
Sara {my friend Allison's hands -- she was there when Sara was born}
Lydia {my mom's hands}
Rebekah {Kirby's hands -- and a bit of Jacob's shirt collar}

The hand part was tough, I'll give you that. I was surprised at how well people did naming the babies though. Anyway, congrats to Margaret, Robin and Mary. They were brave enough to guess AND they got all the babies correct . . . although they each got a few hands wrong.

Thanks for playing!

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  1. always fun to se your photos and hear your stories. With 6 kiddos- you one amazing mom and a great story teller.


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