Tuesday, October 19, 2010

it has come to this::

I just finished a wonderful {REALLY thick} book late last night and haven't started the next book in my stack yet. This morning I was taking a shower {surprising, I'm sure . . . but I DO take one now and again} and was in no hurry to get out. There is a chill in the air and the warm water felt great! So as I was standing there, I read my shampoo bottle {yup, this is the exciting stuff of life!}. I found it much more amusing than most shampoos I've read and thought you might also appreciate it.
Above the really stupid warnings that I'm sure are legally required or some such thing {like::"for external use only"} was a heading that read::"You probably already know this, but . . . " And on my conditioner under "Directions" it read::"After shampooing, apply conditioner generously to your hair and scalp. Leave for 2-3 minutes while pondering the meaning of life (or whatever you usually ponder about). Rinse thoroughly and comb through while wet. For best results (and who doesn't want those?), use with our Nourishing Shampoo."
Now, wouldn't you agree that's the most entertaining shampoo/conditioner bottle you've ever read? Well, it made me smile anyway!

Sara's cord stinks. It's not quite ready to fall off yet {hopefully soon!} but it's stinky and gross. I'm hoping it won't be around much longer . . . but that would also mean she's not "freshly born" so much anymore and that makes me sad. I'll try to enjoy the littleness while it's still here. Smelly or not!Joe asked me yesterday::"So mom, when you eat does your food make into poop or milk?" Poor little guy was obviously confused about the whole business.

I really hope I'm not getting sick. I woke up with a really stuffy nose, which caused me to breathe through my mouth most of the night, which meant I also woke up with a sore-ish throat. I'm not sure if the stuffy nose came from the cooler weather and the fact that we turned our furnace on for the first time last night {poor Sara had super chilly hands and we had compassion on her!} or if I really am coming down with something . . . I really hope it's the former!

And for no reason other than the fact that I find it completely adorable, I leave you with this::


  1. Shana, please share the

    1. Name of your latest great read
    2. Name of the fabulous and entertaining hair products you used
    3. Answer to my question, do all umbilical cords smell? As you know my kiddos didn't have the normal course of events, and I'm
    completely unfamiliar with this concept!
    4. Answer to Joe's question {okay, just kidding on that one...}

    Hope you restocked the cupboards for your poor starving children :)

  2. YOu photos of sara are absolutely FATASTIC.

    And I also love when products use humor to spice things up a bit!

  3. I love all of Sarah's photos!! So adorable!

  4. Shana did you take all the pics?!? Simply wonderful. I want you take pics of my lol guy. Love these!!! Hope you are well can not wait to meet Sarah!

  5. Yes ... what was the great book you just finished??? And ... yes ... Sara is darling ... love that last photo of her :)

  6. "Her Daughter's Dream" by Francine Rivers (2nd in a series . . . both were fabulous!)
    Yup, I took the pictures. The joy of digital is that you can take 800 that are bad and if you get 1 good one you look like a tremendous photographer -- which I am NOT! I do, however, have a nice camera. That helps!

  7. Hi Shana -
    when you said 'really thick book' I wondered if you were reading Francine Rivers. I just read those as well.

    Now I'm reading 'Gods & Kings' by Lynn Austin. It's a series (Chronicles of the Kings) that was previously published under different titles, but it's fictional series about Kings in the Old Testament. The first one is about King Ahaz who we were just studying about in BSF's Isaiah study, so I'm really enjoying the two together. Next one is 'Song of Redemption' based on King Hezekiah trying to bring his nation back to God.

    I can't wait to start it tomorrow when I am flying to Iowa.

    Love your photos...glad you are enjoying your new camera and your new baby :)



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