Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Unexpected blessings

We moved into our house just over 12 years ago.

We got a 30-year mortgage.

Rates dropped a couple years later, so we refinanced to a 20-year.

Then they dropped some more. Significantly enough that we went through the whole refinancing rigamaroll again. This time a 15-year.

I'm not even sure anymore exactly how many years we have left, but we'll be done before Jacob finishes high school.

We got our mortgage statement in the mail yesterday. {I love getting the mail anyway, you know. It's one of the highlights of my day. Yup, I know. I'm a geek!} I know our mortgage is our biggest bill, and it probably should bum me out to see it in my mailbox, but instead, I find it fun to get it each month.

I love to see how quickly our mortgage balance drops {the portion of our payment that goes to principle is about 2.5 times more than the portion that goes to interest!} each month. Well, today when it came it was extra fun!

And completely unexpected, which is always great!

When you add to that the fact that it was very well-timed {with 5 more days 'til payday, a measly little checking account balance and some stuff that needs to be paid this week} it equals a really big blessing.

You're not following, right? Mortgage statements don't usually come with money. Quite the opposite, in fact. Well, I'll explain: we got our annual escrow review statement in the envelope today. Usually this statement ends by telling us how they underestimated our escrow again and we owed them a lump sum of money {not usually TOO much, but still . . .} and that in the year to come our payment would have a slight increase. Today was the complete opposite {one of the very few perks to our country's economy possibly?}. We got a refund check for more than $250 for the overage of the balance in our escrow account, along with word that our payments would be roughly $70 less in the coming year. Praise God!! I plan to still pay the same amount I've been paying each month {which already was over the payment amount}, but now that extra $70 each month will chip away at that balance even quicker! I know enough to realize that if I lowered my payment by that $70 it wouldn't work out that we would have $70 extra a month of cushion in our budget anyway. It always finds a way to get absorbed. Does that happen to you too, or is it just us?

Anyway, that was my unexpected blessing for the day. Any unexpected blessings for you lately?


  1. I totally know what you mean about the $70 Shana. Any extra money we get usually vanishes as well. I've been worrying about money to get to a wedding I'm going to be in in December. It's in New Orleans and you can imagine it's not going to be cheap. Well, between my birthday money--yes, I still get birthday money--and a blessing from my grandmother last week, I've got all the money we need for New Orleans! I've got it sitting in our fire-proof safe, because you know it would be gone if it sat in the bank account. Now I just need a few more blessings to get to Australia next summer to visit that side of the family.

    Oh, and the past two nights we've gone swimming in the river--that's a major blessing, right?? :)


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