Friday, June 11, 2010

flashback friday

in honor of the last day of school, here are "last day of school" pictures from 2008::
lj doesn't have a backpack on because she was a kindergartener 2 years ago and kindergarten always gets done a day earlier than the rest of the school, so she was already a day into her summer break!

gettin' on the bus for the last time for a while::
bring on the summer . . . they survived 3rd & 1st grade, respectively::
rebekah still wears those purple keens. either they were way too big in 2008 or her feet haven't grown much recently {although, trust me, they are plenty big anyway. a women's size 6} or those shoes are like the flour and oil the widow and her son had in I Kings 17 and she just never outgrows them. anyway . . . sorry about that tangent, i couldn't help myself!

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