Saturday, June 5, 2010

This 'n that

Here's a few new things going on around here::
  • My friend christened our van "The Stoll Haul". Pretty cute, huh? Maybe that will be enough of a hint that people will stop mispronouncing our name so that it insinuates that I take things that don't belong to me . . . I guess that means I'd rather have my name bring people mental images of a stinky, smallish section of a barn that needs to be mucked out! {no, our van doesn't actually say "stoll haul" on the side . . . you can do amazing things with photo editing!}
  • Rebekah fell off the monkey bars at school on Thursday. I got the call from the nurse {she's my buddy . . . we often have reason to chat on the phone . . . unfortunate as that often is!} while in Target with the two overtired and ready-for-a-nap "littles". We checked out, called the pediatrician's office on the way to pick her up to tell them that we were headed their direction. We, then, spent nearly 2 hours at the clinic getting x-rays and finding out that Rebekah potentially chipped the bone in her elbow. We don't know for sure because they didn't intentionally x-ray her elbow . . . she was complaining of pain in her forearm, so they x-rayed that, but got her elbow in the picture as well {bonus!}. The forearm looked beautiful, but -- unfortunately -- there seemed to be something "floating" in her elbow that looked suspicious. The sent the x-rays to Gillette specialty hospital downtown {where Lydia had cranial-facial surgery when she was 7 months old . . . sounds like a big deal huh? I wanted you to think that. Actually they just removed a dermoid cyst that she had near her temple. It was all over in half and hour and she went home hardly knowing what had happened . . . I can still picture what she wore home from the hospital. But, I digress!} and they thought it looked ok, but couldn't be sure because it wasn't really a great image of the elbow itself. They sent us home with her arm wrapped and in a sling with instructions for complete immobility of the arm and to "lay low" for 4 or 5 days. Then if it hasn't gotten better or feels worse we have to have it re-x-rayed. I really have no idea what you would do to fix a floating little bone chip on the tip of your elbow anyway . . . I can't image it would be a very straight-forward fix! Sleeping comfortably is a challenge {especially when she is plagued with sleep issues anyway!}, but apart from that she seems to be feeling pretty good and the pain is under control. What a trooper!
  • Kirb is home again {he got home Thursday night} after being in Fargo as a workshop speaker at a conference he was attending with some co-workers. Some crisis always comes up when he's out of town, so I guess the whole arm/elbow thing shouldn't have been too much of a surprise. But, we're thrilled to have him home with us safe and sound.
  • Lydia will be 8 tomorrow . . . yikes, I'm not at all sure how that happened!


  1. Stoll Haul--I like it!

    And a very happy birthday from all of us to Miss Lydia! Hope you have a great day!

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday to Lydia and hope Rebekah's elbow heals nicely! Also, I have been mispronouncing your name forEVER!!! I think my parents do too ;) So sorry :) I'm glad to finally be in the loop! Yes, the Stoll Haul is a helpful rhyme ... perhaps you could get that painted on the sides in a groovy color ;) ... and eight is enough on the other side?


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