Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sneak peak

we had our annual family christmas picture photo shoot tonight. this is our 11th "bed picture" . . . we just can't stop! if you want the history behind the bed picture, read this. here's a little preview for you of the 2009 picture. none of these were the "winner" though, you know! for that you'll have to wait. (you might want to click on that top picture there to make it bigger. the look on anna's face is pretty priceless!)

if you want to see past years' bed pictures, look no further than this. which year is your favorite bed picture?

yup, i did give our "new" bedroom a little makeover . . . thanks for noticing!


  1. nice photos! can't wait to see the winning shot too! i especially like the way you've got the kids' pictures hung up on your wall. looks great!

  2. So fun to have traditions, isn't it? The memories you guys are making...precious.


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