Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

We swapped rooms with our 2 biggest girls this summer and moved downstairs to a new room. {We've lived in this house for over 11 years and I don't think I'd EVER slept in this room before. It started out as a guest room and then became Rebekah's room and then Rebekah & Lydia's room and now it's ours!} But for the 3+ months since we moved in we hadn't really made it "ours". Nothing on the walls, no real personality in the room . . . but all the changed over the past few weeks and I LOVE the way it turned out. Hardly any money invested at all and we've got a fabulous new {albeit kinda tiny!} room. I made most of the stuff or salvaged it from elsewhere in the house/basement/garage/dumpster. I did spring for a new quilt at a black friday sale {regular price $150 -- which I wouldn't have paid EVER, but well worth the $29.99 I got it for at 3 am at Herbergers!} but otherwise it was a mostly free room remodel. Enjoy!

Here's my favorite addition: A cut up 2x10, painted, sanded and a big picture of a sweet kiddo mod podged on the front. Total cost for all 5 was about $25, including pictures!
The stars {we have 4 in different places in the room} came from my Grandma {as did our "summer quilt" and our new kitchen light}. I spray painted them black and sanded them a little. The window was in the rafters in our garage and was green. I painted it black, sanded it a little, etched our initials in top pane of glass and hung a cute wooden s in the bottom pane.
Old piece of wood from the backyard + spraypaint = something cute for above our dresser:
More of the grandma stars, my "letter wall" and the mirror from our room upstairs polish off the new look.
I love it! {Plus the timing was nice, since I spent much of the first 10 or so days post-makeover in bed with "the plague". At least I had a nice place in which to be sick!}


  1. I looove it!!! Super cute!! I would love it if you did a tutorial on the etching!

  2. you are just so creative, shana! great job!

  3. Beautiful room! We are going to paint ours khaki next week (I think, it might end up being yellow). Congrats on winning TVP necklace! Popped over to see who you were and hey, I'm in MN too. Waving at ya!

  4. I love the new room, sorry you got to experience for 10 days being sick. :(
    btw I love, love, love your header pic! so cute!

  5. Darling!!! You have the "knack" :) I especially like the kids photos ~ neat idea!

    I'm usually sick off and on (mostly ON though) all winter ... so I feel your pain.


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