Sunday, December 20, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

The Santa Baby in the picture from Friday's post was Joe. Most of you got it right; way to go! Congrats to Amanda, Rachel, Jenn, Mary, Melanie, Sandy, Tricia, Michelle & J who all guessed and/or answered correctly. We had a few other great guesses {those Stoll babies can be tricky, they all look so much alike at first . . . when I had Rebekah, I literally said to Kirby, "I already had this baby, I thought I was getting a different one this time." She looked, as a newborn, SO much like Jacob had it kinda freaked me out!} I'm not random-number-generator high tech or anything like that, but I asked Rebekah to pick a number between 1 and 9 {since there were 9 correct answers} -- I would have asked Joe since he was the subject of the whole contest, but I'm not completely confident in his ability to really know what numbers there are between 1 & 9 so I went with Rebekah since she is completely capable of counting correctly all the way to 9! She picked 6, so the lucky winner is Sandy. Way to go, my dear! I'll send you your super fantastic Shana-made prize ASAP . . . maybe it'll even arrive in time for you to re-gift it to someone you forgot to get something for. Don't hold your breath, it won't really be all that terrific, but I'm sure you are honored to even win, right?

In case there wasn't enough going on right now, we've also embarked on this project:
Actually my parents are doing all the work. Giving a facelift to Rebekah and Lydia's "new" room is my parents Christmas gift to them. {they redid the boys room for Christmas in 2007}. Don't tell, but tomorrow fun new bedding will be added to to the makeover! The room is not quite done yet, but the painting part is all completed. Now we just need to finish putting stuff back where it belongs, hang a few things on the walls and make up the new beds and it will be a very Merry Christmas indeed! Here are a few pictures as things are now:
Here's the color we went with. I don't know what it's officially called, but we call it orange:
The Sara Groves Christmas concert on Friday night was absolutely wonderful! I just love her music, her storytelling, her passion, her adorable kids {the oldest of which is named Kirby!}, her style and what her music has meant to me and in my life. In case you don't know her music {shame on you!} these are a few of my favorites: this one is so moving, this one is so very true and this one is like the story of my life {and it's Rebekah's favorite!} and every parent can relate to this {hilarious!} one. Her music resonates with me like nothin' else I've ever heard! Amazing stuff! The concert was wonderful, worshipful and long {3 hours!}. Worth every penny . . . and even more, but don't tell her that or she might up the prices next time around and I'm all about a good deal! But if, per chance, you know her well enough to actually tell her that anyway, next time you talk to her tell her I said "Hi" and that I think if we actually met {well, I guess technically we have met . . . twice . . . but standing in line the night of a concert when she met 80 zillion other people doesn't quite count, I don't think!} we could be quite wonderful pals!

Christmas is in 5 days and I still have quite a few gifts left that I need to finish making! Yikes! I had a huge chunk of time yesterday to work on making Christmas gifts. One project that I had never attempted before, but wanted to make for 4 or 5 people on my list was a total bust. I couldn't get it to work out at all and after a couple hours {ok, maybe it wasn't a couple hours, but it felt like it!} of success-less work I gave up and scratched that idea . . . but now I have to come up with something else for those people. They were gonna be so cool too . . . I'll try again when I have a little more time to experiment. I'm determined to get it to work! Then, the next thing I attempted was also something I had never made before, but I had made other very similar things so I knew I could pull it off. What I didn't calculate correctly was how very long it would take. It turned out amazing. Fun, cute and exactly how I wanted it to turn out, so that is great. Unfortunately, though, it took about 5 times longer to make than I expected it would. So, that shot my big chunk of time. I should actually be working on the rest of the stuff right now and not blogging, but alas . . .

Joey's preschool program is tomorrow. It's gonna be so cute. My grandma {the kid's GG -- you know, Great Grandma} is going to accompany the group and she is just as excited {if not more so} as Joe! I can't wait!

I can tell I've been spending lots of time downstairs working in my office {where my computer also is} because I just got an email from Pandora saying that I was close to approaching my 40-hour limit of free listening for the month of December. Since I don't want to pay the 99 cents for unlimited listening for the remainder of the month I'll just have to pace myself or actually listen to my own music or just work in silence or something.

For about the past 2 weeks or so Anna has reverted to not sleeping through the night. She's been waking up a time or two each night. The kicker is that when she wakes all up crying all she wants is Zho Zho {think Zha Zha Gabor . . . that's kinda how she says "Joe Joe"}. As it turns out {thanksfully} "Zho Zho" is usually sleeping at 2am, so we don't really indulge that desire! But, boy does she want him and she's all the more mad when I tell her he's sleeping . . . and, as it turns out, so is the entire rest of the family. Hopefully she'll cycle back to sleeping all night again real soon. But for now I find it sweet how enamored those 2 are with each other. None of our other kids have ever been quite so love-y with a sibling. It's pretty cute. What a pair!

Well, I think that's all the weekend updates that I've got. Kirb isn't feeling 100%, so I hope he doesn't get much worse and I really, really hope he doesn't get what I had. That would be terrible!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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