Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Big Reveal {girls bedroom facelift}

In 2007 {when Joe was scheduled to move downstairs to his "big boy bed" and share a room with Jacob since Anna was soon-to-arrive and render him room-less} my parents gave the boys room a makeover as a Christmas gift. They painted, we bought new bunk beds, they got fun new bedding and a great mural on the wall. It was great!

Well, this summer we swapped rooms with the girls and they have been enjoying their new, bigger room, but it was really in need of a spruce up and some TLC. We had never painted the walls in the upstairs bedroom as long as we had lived here {we moved in in 1998, and since the Gardner's -- who lived here before us -- didn't use the upstairs it might have been quite a while before that when last it was painted!}. So, the first order of business was new paint. We decided on a color; I know it has a "prettier" name, but we call it orange:
Then my parents {my dad mostly} got to work painting:
Finally all the paint was done! My mom and I painted some circles on the wall as a border behind their beds. My parents {my mom mostly} got some new bedding and fun pillows to coordinate with the new "big girl" theme. We hung stuff up on the wall and straightened up a bit and when the kids got home from school just a couple days before Christmas we lead them up the stairs for the big room reveal.

They were so excited:

Thanks, Ama & Bop Bop, you guys are the best and we love you!
The girls are loving their new room and have been spending lots more time up there playing and reading and just hanging out. What a great Christmas gift . . . one they will remember and "use" every day for a long time to come!


  1. That is so great! I have three grown daughters now but when they were home a new room update always made them want to spend more time there.

  2. What a fun room! Brave colour choice!

  3. SO cute, I love their reactions to the reveal!

  4. I'm so glad I got to see their room in person! It looks so pretty and fun--just like its 2 little occupants. I love you guys.

  5. Oooh, it's beautiful! Perfect for two (and then three) little ladies and their dolls.

    I think I would enjoy playing up there!


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