Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thinking of you . . .

My grandma died in May and Anna and I traveled to Connecticut for her funeral. I never got to live in close proximity to my dad's parents, so I didn't spend as much day-to-day time with them as I did with my mom's parents. I didn't know them as well and didn't have the same types of memories with them as I had with my other set of grandparents. But I loved my grandma and I miss her. Since we live so far apart, geographically, I wasn't able to take much from her house. I do, however, have a few pieces of furniture with post it notes that say "Shana" on them in my uncle Den's barn, and hopefully, someday, we'll get them back to Minnesota. So I took mainly some photographs and smaller items.

My aunt boxed up some of my grandma's bedding and shipped it to me a few weeks ago. How fun! Each night when I crawl into bed I am reminded of my grandma as I slip under her quilt. When she was my age I bet she went to bed each night just as tired as I do {and probably even more so}. She had 6 kids. The first 5 of them {which included a set of twins} in a 5 year span! Wow! {My dad was the oldest of the bunch.} In the morning when I make the bed I think of her again. What fun to have a little bedroom makeover and daily thoughts of my grandma.

Here's a picture of our bed. My mom got Kirb a set of sheets for Father's Day to match with our "new" quilt. We both love it!

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  1. That is so NEAT!! I love "treasures" handed down from family members. Looks very pretty.


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