Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for Facebook! I've been on facebook for a while now . . . a couple years maybe. Mostly I find it to be a time-sucker, but it does have its perks too: seeing pictures of not-often-seen family and friends, finding and catching up with people from your past that you've lost track of and the slightly less popular use of getting a new bike for your 4-year-old! What a blessing Facebook was to us this week {oh, and the Buley's too . . . not just Facebook}. This kind of Facebook usage doesn't work at all unless your "friends" are the wonderful, excellent, generous and helpful type of people like ours are!

Alrighty, here's the story:

About 7 years ago I happened to mention {in a group of moms} that Jacob probably should upgrade from his trike that he'd been riding and that we should get him a "big boy bike" with training wheels and all. One of the mom's said that her little boy had just upgraded from that type of bike and we could have their old one if we wanted. That's where the blessing started! So, we got a "new" bike for Jacob. {I'm not positive, but I think that the family we got it from had experienced a similar blessing and received it in well-loved condition from another family. So by the time we got it it was twice handed down.} Now, since then we've had a few more training-wheel-riding kiddos, and it has been even more well-loved. At some point it lost one of its pedals and over the years {and years and years} the back tire took quite a beating and was well worn to say the least!

Fast forward to the spring of 2009 when we took the '98ish model Trail Climber off the hooks in the garage ceiling and pumped up the tires for Stoll kiddo #4. Joe loved riding his "big" bike all over the place and was doing pretty well considering it only had one pedal and a "stump". But early this week the bike finally came to the end of its usefulness when one strong application of the breaks completely wore through the back tire. Oops, it was pretty much rendered unrideable.

See what I mean:

Here's a good shot of the "tread-bare" back tire and the missing pedal:

Rest in peace little red bike. You served us well:

Joe was pretty sad {to put it mildly}:

I'd seen people use Facebook to their advantage many a time. For example: "Jane Doe wonders if anyone wants to watch her kids on Thursday night while she paints the town red." Heck, we gave Caroline our dorm-sized fridge to take to work because she put out a Facebook plea. Otherwise we would have never known she needed one and she wouldn't have know we had one unplugged, taking up space and collecting dust in the basement. Sometimes it works great, other times not so well. So, I thought I'd give it a shot. Someone had to have an old bike collecting dust in their garage while their kiddo rode a new, bigger bike, right? They'd be thrilled to give it to a "worthy cause" like the Stolls, don't cha think?

So first thing Tuesday morning I changed my Facebook status to: "Shana Carlson Stoll wonders if anyone has a Joey-sized bike they no longer have use for (or possilbly a Lydia-sized bike and Joey could start riding Lydia's). Joey's bike (after at least 5 kids . . . it was a handed down hand-me-down when we got it when Jacob was little) is not longer rideable and needs to find a new home in a dumpster somewhere. He would love a new one. You know, one with 2 pedals and 2 tires that hold air!"

. . . and guess what? It worked! I {or more accurately, my kids} had a busy morning and we left the house {and my computer} shortly after I posted my plea. Later in the afternoon, before I even had time to check my computer again, I got a phone call from Kirb who was on his way home from an out-of-the-office meeting with a new bike! He didn't even know that I had posted our need/request/pleading on Facebook, but when he went to this meeting one of the guys he was meeting with brought his son's outgrown bike and gave it to Kirb. Praise God! And thanks Matt {and Raymund!}. Joe was over the moon with excitement about his "new", bigger bike! He's been riding like crazy ever since Tuesday afternoon.

Here are some pictures of Joe and his new ride:

Ask and it will be given to you; see and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. {Matthew 7.7}

What a blessing! Facebook and the Buley family rate high on our "thankful for" list this week. How about you? Had any unexpected blessings lately? Aren't they great?


  1. What a great story!

    After attending my cousin's baby shower, I came home with about a week's worth of leftovers. It was perfect timing since we needed some groceries, as well as quick no-cook meals (it was too hot to turn on the oven!). The chicken salad, crescent rolls, potato salad, pasta salad, and cupcakes got us through another week. No groceries, no oven, no problem.

  2. What a neat story! I love when we see God working like that in such cool ways!


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