Monday, November 3, 2008

very impressive!

good job on the cow guessing everyone . . . somehow i thought it would be harder, but you did great.

in case you would still like to know, or need clarification, the cows are:
1. Anna ('08)
2. Rebekah ('01)
3. Jacob ('99)
4. Joe ('05)
5. Lydia ('02)

yeah to all the winners! i promise you some sort of prize in the somewhat near future. good job!

here are the winners (in the order of response): ama (my mom!), megan, kelli, amanda (who gets some sort of extra credit for guessing by both nickname and year! what an overachiever!), kirby (good thing he got them right!!), margaret, luke (jenn & haddon too!), mary and allison!


Thanks for the comments . . . they make my day!