Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day

well, the 5 kiddos and i headed to the polls before school this morning. the wait was not as long as i anticipated (only about 20 minutes . . . yeah!). kirb happened to be there the same time as us -- a little ahead of us in line. the 4 big kids stayed with him and i took anna to the back of the line. kirb voted and had the 4 big kids all finished voting at the "kids vote" booth just as i was done with my turn. perfect timing. joe, being the sweet boy that he is, voted for me for president. hopefully he is the only one because that is NOT a job that i want! now we wait . . .

all the kids at falcon heights elementary got to vote today too . . . so, my 3 big kids voted twice. we'll have to talk about how that is not normally ok. anyway, obama took falcon by a landslide: 303 to 97. now we'll see what the grown up world decides. (my kids were a little bummed to learn that their votes didn't count).

update: jacob might have to go to bed soon, before he has a nervous breakdown! he is totally addicted to the election coverage and is getting a little overly stressed about it! relax babe, you are only 9, you shouldn't let it get to you quite so much!

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