Saturday, November 15, 2008

super saturday

what a fun [but VERY busy & tiring] saturday we all had. the big girls and i went with my mom and my cousin brie to the mall of america for the grand opening of the newest american girl store!! a year ago at thanksgiving my parents and i took the girls [there were only 2 of them at the time . . . well, i guess anna was there too since i was pregnant] to chicago to go to american girl place there! it was great and they LOVED it and were thrilled to learn, this summer, that we were getting an american girl store in minnesota! what big news! anyway, it opened at 9, so we wanted to be there before that. we arrived at the mall about quarter to and actually go to the american girl store about 8:50 or so. well we saw a big line in front of the store . . . a couple hundred people i would guess.

we went up to one [of the many] security guys and asked which was to the end of the line and he said, "the overflow line is over there" and pointed around the corner to another group of a couple hundred people lined up in a totally different area! yikes!

there was a lot of estrogen in that place . . . tons of girls carrying tons of dolls [some girls even matching with their dolls], tons of excited moms, lots of grandmas and even a few dads and brothers [but not TOO many!] it wasn't as big or as much of an "experience" as the chicago store, but it is great to have a store close to home. [no more "shipping & handling" charges!!] my mom commented that there sure didn't seem to be any sign of a recession at that particular place today! lots of money was being spent . . . you had to wait in another horrendous line to pay for your purchases. amazingly we got in and out without spending a penny . . . but christmas lists WERE made! i promise you that!

then we shopped a little before heading across the street to ikea for lunch. a super fun surprise awaited us there when we saw a facepainter who was fancy-ing everyone up! rebekah went over to ask how much it costs and she said "just a big smile" so we got in line. now this was no run-of-the-mill facepainter . . . this lady was an artist! here's a little proof:

lydia was a princess (that's a crown) and rebekah was a butterfly! i got my face painted too, but i won't blog that one . . . if i would have thought of it in time i could have had her disguise that big zit on my face, but i never think of that kind of stuff at the proper time. oh well!

a super fun day was had by all . . . kirb took the boys, and anna, to the nwc football game. it was chilly and they didn't win, but it was an experience and it wore the kids out. hopefully a good nights sleep will be had by all! nighty night!


  1. Those are great face paint pic's! I bet they had a blast!

    Oh, How did Ev get along with her heart surgery?

  2. you, with a big zit? i don't believe it. nice excuse though.

    and the girls' face paintings look so very pretty! glad you had a fun saturday.


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