Wednesday, November 19, 2008

evelyn update!

evelyn is doing better all the time (although a little slower than everyone would like). she moved out of the PICU yesterday onto the regular floor. that was WONDERFUL news. she got to see her brother and sister for the first time yesterday and hopefully she will be coming home soon . . . we'll have an extra something to be thankful for next week, that's for sure.
here is the caring bridge update that ing wrote yesterday. i loved it:

"The Top Ten Reasons It's Clear Evelyn is Feeling Better:

#10 -- no more screechy, witch-like, this-would-have-been-great-for-Halloween voice telling nurses and parents to 'shoo' and 'hush'
#9 -- conversations overheard between Evelyn and stuffed animals
#8 -- a complete description by Evelyn to the respiratory therapist as to what the nurse needed to do before she did 'her thing'
#7 -- giving mom direction as to how to cut the pizza triangles at the correct angle
#6 -- telling mom that she really needs to see Don (the guy that cuts her hair) 'to get rid of this rat's nest in the back of my head -- maybe he could give me little curls all over with the curling iron, too!'
#5 -- conversations overheard between Evelyn's stuffed animals (narrated by Ev)
#4 -- telling mom that she'll wait for dad to go for a walk (this has to do with the softer nature of the latter, believe it or not)
#3 -- the character analysis of Sharpay (from High School Musical) 'Mom, she really does not talk kindly to others! She does get nicer at the end, though.' (Do you have evidence from the film to support your ideas, Evelyn?)
#2 -- trying NOT to laugh when Hugh was there visiting for the first time (because it still hurts!) and telling Frances about the new names she picked for her stuffed animals
And the #1 reason ... lots and lots of smiles from the notes, gifts, food, warm thoughts, and prayers of hope, courage, strength, resilience, and healing. We thank you SO much for all you have done."

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