Thursday, November 6, 2008

a tooth-y week

it's been a toothy week at our house. sunday night lydia lost a tooth that had been "just about to fall out" for about 2 weeks . . . literally! i can't believe it hung on so long. anna has 2 teeth just about to cut through. they are so close. you can see them and you feel them (a couple times this week that has been noticed in a rather unfortunate sort of way by a part of my body i will refrain from mentioning on my blog . . . but if you're smart you may be able to figure it out). i expect them to finally pop through any minute. i'll let you know when they arrive . . . maybe even post a cute toothy picture!

as it turns out it must have been a busy tooth week in places other than our home because the tooth fairy was SO busy on sunday night that she could not make it to our house. wait, maybe she doesn't work weekends! whatever the case she did remember (. . . um, make that catch up on her route) on monday night and lydia was very understanding! ooops!!!

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  1. bubba's got a tooth that's just hanging by a thread right now too! i expect it to fall out anytime. oh, and the tooth fairy has been known to come a day late here too! :-)


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