Sunday, November 23, 2008


today was our thanksgiving service at church (since thanksgiving is so late this year and next week is the beginning of advent already, we decided to have our thanksgiving service before thanksgiving rather than after). this service is, arguably, my favorite church service of the whole year . . . even though i had a nasty headache at the end from all the crying! (i cry most every sunday in church . . . um, you could probably take out the "most" in that phrase and it would be more true! but even more than usual today!). at the thanksgiving service we always have a few microphones at the front of the sanctuary and have time for people to come and share things they are thankful for. it is always such a moving service. i was touched by each person who shared this morning! also, kirbs did a bang-up job of singing "praise you in this storm" as part of the service and my good friend, shawna, brought a great children's sermon too (in which lydia made a long-winded, rather off-topic comment). i am so thankful for our wonderful church family. central is really a very unique place and, in my opinion, the best church around!! what a wonderful family of believers we are surrounded with there . . . people who pray for, support. love and encourage us through life. they struggle and rejoice with us and are behind us 100%. my kids have tons of extra "grandma's" and "grandpa's" there to love on them and the people of central truly are our family.

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  1. Church family is so crucial. I feel the same way about ours that you do about yours. It is such a gift...

    It's hard to imagine life without my church family.


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