Tuesday, November 4, 2008

surgery update

evelyn had her pre-op appointment this afternoon and the surgery is going to be rescheduled for wednesday 11/12. i think the change was due mainly to the surgeon's schedule. they had the chance to ask a few questions though, and the answers were surprisingly optomistic. (in my opinion anyway). they think ev will be in the hospital less than a week and that she should only have to miss about a week of school. she can go back to dance class about 2 weeks post-op they thought! anyway, i expected her to miss WAY more school than that. so that is wonderful! evenly was excited to miss some school though, so i hope she's not bummed! :) so, now we'll wait until a week from tomorrow and get this show on the road. i'll try to keep you up-to-date, but if you want detailed medical information, you aren't gonna get that from me. (i'm not that smart!) i expect ing to do a good job giving helpful info (medical and otherwise) on the caringbridge site, so feel free to check in there too!

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  1. CaringBridge is a great way to communicate. We had a friend who was in a pretty serious car accident and his family kept everyone up to date through their caring bridge website. I will definitely be praying!!


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