Friday, November 21, 2008

flashback friday

i think this may be the least flattering baby picture ever in the history of the world! yikes! but it sure makes me laugh. anyway, that's joe (mohawk and all) at about 3 weeks!

and just so you know that he WAS a sweet baby, this one was taken about the same time. (may 2005) check out those cheeks . . . and the hair!!


  1. My third child had hair like that! I told my hubby that he came out needin a hair cut~

    Adorable pics!

  2. I remember that hair! I have a picture of Mom holding Joey and Katrina at this age --cute! All I wonder is...did you have heartburn during your pregnancy with him? That's the old wive's tale--if you have bad heartburn, your baby will have lots of hair! Who knows where they come up with these. We ought to conduct an internet search into some of the origins of these!


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