Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo! {the return of the cow}

A little review of some fall fun. Not a penny was spent on any of it {well, I guess that's not completely true, my mom did buy Rebekah that mask at the dollar store}. We borrowed. We dug in the dress up box. We were imaginative. Even at the last minute there were costume changes going on. Even the pumpkins were free! A fun night was had by all, and if you're short on candy come on over. We've got MORE than enough to share. Yikes!

Wonder Woman::
NBA guy::

The whole crew of spooks::
Mooo {year two in the cow costume for Sara -- last year she was swimming in it at 3 weeks old}::

Dorothy {and Toto}::
A witch or some such thing::
Our 6 + 2 of our favorite "extras" who can quite often be found at our house and often come places with us too. They're both part of the family at this point. You gotta love it when a kid is comfortable enough at your house to just open the fridge and help themselves! Plus we joke that Ev and Joe are going to get married some day, since they have fought like crazy since Joe was old enough to walk. Love all those kiddos::
The welcome committee at our back door::

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