Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekend update::

Nope, not the SNL kind, the SFL (Stoll Family Life) kind. So, "Live. From Roseville. It's Saturday afternoon"::
  • Sara had her 2-month check up yesterday {a little late} and all looks good. She's a tall {can you be considered "tall" if you are unable to stand up? I'm not sure.} skinny thing. An ounce short of 10 pounds {9 pounds 15 oz. for you non-math people} which is the 25th weight percentile for girls her age. 23 inches "tall", which is the 75th%. I say she's not any heavier because she's always movin'. Kicking her little legs and waving her little arms and using those facial muscles to flash us adorable little grins all the time! She's like a little calorie-burning machine, I guess. Plus, she poops with unbelievable frequency!
  • I showered today. For the 3rd day in a row. That's some kind of record for me, I think, as I am not a daily showerer {usually every 2nd or 3rd day or so}. I think I've had a strong desire to shower more frequently lately because I'm so cold and a nice, hot shower takes care of that.
  • I wonder who put $1.25 in my kiddos! You know the saying "Who put a quarter in you?" Well, multiply that by 5 and you've got $1.25. And my house!! 5 crazy, wild kiddos are running around here and being loud and silly today . . . while their baby sister naps peacefully in her crib despite all the noise and commotion!
  • Kirb and I had our first date in about 3 months last night {the last time I remember us having a date was for our anniversary. In September. When life was a whole lot different than it is now!}. We went to Costco. Then we ate across the street at Chili's {we had a gift card!} before heading to his boss's {is that how you correctly make the possessive form of boss? I'm unsure, seems like a whole lot of s's!} house for his office Christmas party. Not a super high-excitement date, I know, but we're working our way up slowly. Plus, we loved it! so who really cares that many would consider it a tad boring?
  • The mailman finally started delivering our mail again today. Yesterday we got a slip telling us that the mail would not be delivered again until we cleared the snow away from our mailbox. 10 feet in front of the box. 10 feet behind the box. And about 4 feet in {from where the plow stopped and where the mailbox was}. When the snow banks are about shoulder height on a 6 foot tall man, that's a WHOLE LOT of snow. Where exactly are we to put it? And, do they really expect us to stand in the middle {ok, the edge} of a busy street to do this? I guess so. I understand now why the people directly across the street from us {who also live on a corner} had their address officially changed from 19-something {74, I think} Lexington Avenue North to 11-something Ryan Avenue West. They pulled out their mailbox and now have their mail delivered right to the box attached outside their back door. It's a tempting thought. I have no idea what goes into a {rather major} change like that. I imagine it's kind of an ordeal. I don't think I could change our address. I feel like it might hurt the feelings of our house {yes, I DO realize that houses don't have feelings}. It's been known by "1973 Lexington" for a long time now. Nearly 85 years, to be exact! I think we'll just "deal".
  • I'm not really a slipper kind of girl. They just aren't really my thing . . . or so I thought. I slipped Rebekah's on today {did you know she wears a women's size 10 shoe? Honestly, she's not even 10 years old yet . . . you shouldn't have feet bigger than your age, that's truly unfortunate} and guess what? Slippers totally keep your feet warm. Who would have thunked it? Next maybe I'll decide I want a bathrobe! What is this world coming to?
Alright, I think that's it! Have a great weekend!


  1. wow. having a hard time imagining all that snow around the mailbox...a photo would sure be great! i'm sorta glad we don't have that much of the white stuff, but wish ours was a little bit better for playing with--like making snowmen and stuff. ah well. have a great weekend!

  2. The correct grammar would be, "who would've THUNK it", not "thunked". Come on, Shana, get your thunks together!! =)

  3. Having a child whose first name ends in an "S" I can tell you I had never even thought about the whole apostrophe thing. I'm not entirely certain but I believe he'd just get a s' in reference to his anything. The things I didn't really think I'd have to remember from school.

    Well if you'd like two more crazy littles- I'll bundle them up and send them right over to add to the silly chaos! : ) It must be cabin fever setting in early. bummer.


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