Saturday, December 4, 2010


We had our annual {rather painful -- although not as bad as it could have been} Christmas card photo shoot today.
In our bedroom, of course.
On our bed.
Donuts were used to bribe certain {nameless} uncooperative Stoll kiddos to be a part of the picture. Some people just don't value the importance of tradition!
In the end, though, things turned out ok and we even had more than one workable choice. And, no, none of these are the "winner" for 2010.
Yup, one picture needed to include Batman. He's an important part of our family, you know!


  1. can't wait to see this year's photo!

  2. We have at least 2 years of photos in which a spiderman toy is clutched in Caleb's hand. Spidey was part of the family for a LONG time.


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