Thursday, December 2, 2010

thankful thursday

Ama & her two littlest girls

Today I am SO thankful that my mom is finally, really getting better. She's been sick for about month now and it got really, really bad over the weekend. I was so sad and scared on Sunday -- which was her worst day, not to mention the day we dedicated Sara at church, so she had to miss that special day. She was at the hospital for a while on Sunday having some testing because she was presenting with some extra-nasty, potentially more serious symptoms, but in the end she didn't have anything other than the really bad case of pneumonia that we knew she had and she was already be treated aggressively for, and some torn muscles from all the coughing. Finally, after a couple different drugs (and a severe allergic reaction in the mix that also sent her to the hospital -- twice) she's on the right thing and it's doing its job. When I talked to her on the phone yesterday she actually sounded like herself. Praise God!

Mom, I'm thrilled to have you back, now take it easy and don't let yourself get sick again!


  1. Great news! It's so easy to start feeling better and try to get back to life's busy-ness too soon. Hoping your mom can continue resting until she's 100% well! Will continue to keep her in our prayers!

  2. So glad to hear she is on the mend. Praying for complete healing. Gotta love those moms of ours!

  3. I love the comment she left on your blog a few posts back. What a loving and supportive mom!


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