Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Never fear . . . bigger toilet paper is here! {If you haven't read the previous post, stop and do that now so that you can understand this update!!}

Anna is sick, so I brought her to the doctor . . . ear infection and croup. So, I had to go to Target to get her some drugs. While I was waiting for them to mix up her meds I thought I might as well get new toilet paper. I had 20 minutes to kill and no other shopping to do, so I took my time in the toilet paper isle comparing. Almost all toilet papers rolls, regardless of brand, have 10.8x10.1 cm squares . . . except, it turns out, for my {previously} regular brand which must have recently changed to perfect squares for their toilet paper. Yup, that's right. 10.1x10.1 cm. Just enough to not fit on my roll. Anyhow, new toilet paper was purchased and the crisis has been averted . . . except for the crisis of a miserable 19-month-0ld that is!

Happy Thanksgiving all of you!

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  1. Well wishes for your little one! Hope you don't miss out on family time!


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