Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A couple years back, {man, time sure does fly!} I bought a fun set of vinyl letters in hopes of spelling some encouraging words on the walls around my house. Well, come to find out that vinyl letter won't stick to 1920's plaster walls. Shoot! So, I've had these letters around for a long time and really wanted to do something with them. I've also been on a mission to spruce up our "new" bedroom, ever since we moved downstairs in August. So, last week I went on a serious crafting frenzy and did up a few things. First I stuck the word "wash" to the bathroom door. Then, liking how that turned out, I put "dream" on our bedroom door. Then, I had a vision that this narrow little section of wall in our room should be a "letter wall". So, I took 2 leftover pieces of beadboard from when we did some work in the basement, distressed them a little and then went to town with the letters. I stuck them this way and that and "hid" a couple words in there, but mostly just randomly stuck them on. Then I propped it up against the wall and called it good. I would like to actually hang it on the wall at some point, rather than just propping it up, but for now, this is what we've got.
While I was on my letter/crafting rampage, I also etched an old window, that I found in our garage, with our initials {in the same font as the vinyl letters}. Well, first I painted it black {surprising, I'm sure} and then I sanded it a little for a more distressed look {also surprising . . . or not!}. Some day that will get hung on the wall too, but for now it is also propped up against the wall on our nightstand longing for it's permanent home {a little spiritual undertone, huh?}
So, what do you think?


  1. Love it! I especially like the window. Are you going to see New Moon this week?

  2. What a fun idea! I love both of those!


  3. Wow---I LOVE the letter wall and LOVE LOVE LOVE the etched window w/ your initials! I have gotten an idea for a window i've had laying around!


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