Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

We've had excessive sibling issues lately. Hitting. Kicking. Scratching. Fighting. Teasing. Just general meanness. I'm sick of it! But this morning it was nearly comical when this conversation took place in the kitchen:

Joe (coming in from outside): "Rebekah took my lightsaber."
Mom: "Really, 'cause you're holding it? Did she give it back?"
Joe: "Well, yah, but she tooked it from me."
Mom: "But you've got it back now, Buddy, so it's ok. Go back out and play."
Joe: "But I want Rebekah to get in trouble."



  1. I can't stop smiling now that I read this. Joe get 10 points for honesty. I'm actually even chuckling a little bit.


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