Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Girl

My big girl this morning {it's in the 50's . . . on November 23rd . . . in Minnesota . . . how crazy is that!}

Anna got her first haircut last week and looks like such a big girl to me now:
Before: her hair has gotten so long lately it often hung in front of her eyes and drove me crazy. She wouldn't keep anything in it {so much for cute little pigtails} so it just hung there.
The back was pretty long and uneven too after nearly 20 months of unaltered growth:
So, we decided it was finally time:
What do you think? Doesn't she look bigger? Older?
Thankfully, though, the curls are still there. I was afraid they might get cut off and never return. It is humid today, but I think they'll be sticking around even when it finally turns winter and the air is dry.
That's my new and improved, bigger Anna Grace:
Alrighty, gotta run!


  1. what a pretty little lady with a new hair-do! i think her curls look more defined now that her hair's been trimmed up a bit. and i bet she'll like that it doesn't flop in her face and eyes anymore!

  2. This post makes me want two things:
    1. To see this darling big girl in person,
    2. To give Ainsley a matching haircut.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    (Or Thanks-ginn-ing. Sorry to say, I beat you to that clever play on words last year:


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