Thursday, September 8, 2011

thankful thursday :: school

I'll start off with a picture of Sara. Just because I think she's cute. She's not going to school this year though. {Do you see that little tooth about to pop through on the top? It's given us a LOT of trouble, but hopefully that will ease up really soon!}::

Well, another school year is underway. We've got a 7th grader {first year in middle school}, a 5th grader, a 4th grader, a 1st grader, a preschooler and a baby. The school year is off to a fabulous start for all our kids. Jacob is THRILLED with middle school. He has some great teachers and is completely loving football {even being tackled and stepped on and working hard}. I don't think I remember ever seeing him quite so happy. He's nearly giddy. I guess middle school suits him. Rebekah's teacher has a daughter named Rebekah -- spelled the same way even. It's always nice to have a little extra connection. Lydia's teacher's grandma was named Lydia and she told Lydia that if she'd had a girl {she has 2 boys} she would have named her Lydia. Tonight at dinner we were doing "high & low" where we talk about our highs and lows for the day and, when it was Lydia's turn she announced :: "My high was my whole day and my other high was I don't have a low!" Gotta love that! Joe's teacher taught 1st grade to both Rebekah and Lydia is a just wonderful. Anna is so excited to finally have her turn to be in preschool.

He was nice enough to still let me take his "first day of school" picture. Big kid that he is::

We are so thankful for the great schools our kids go to. For the wonderful teachers who care about them and teach them so many things. For the fabulous friends they have at school. I don't claim that public school is the best option for every kid, but it sure is right for ours . . . for this time.

I think that homeschooling is wonderful too. I know some homeschooling families that I respect deeply, but just as public school {or private} isn't the right choice for every family, homeschooling isn't the right choice for everyone either. I homeschooled Jacob when he was a kindergartener. I would never say that homeschooling is a bad choice. It's not! But for us, for that time, it was not the right decision. I think our decision to homeschool -- at least on my part -- was based on a lack of faith. I was worried about Jacob's health issues and how they could be handled "without me". With his multiple life-threatening food allergies I didn't think he could be safe at school :: cafeterias filled with kids drinking {and spilling} milk, kindergarteners with leftover butter on their fingers from their toast touching him or things that he would later touch, birthday treats, etc. I was nervous. I needed to be in more control than having him at school would give me. Basically, I didn't trust that the Lord could take care of him without me there. {which, clearly, is not true!} It was a tough year. He wasn't happy. I wasn't happy {plus, did I mention I was also pregnant. Yup, I was}. The littler kids had to deal with their unhappy mother and big brother. We decided that we'd try something different for 1st grade. We looked at a couple different schools and decided on Falcon -- our local, neighborhood public school and have been very happy with that decision.

The elementary school crew::

Walking to school with the Schmidt girls::

As parents, we don't just automatically assume that things will continue as they have been from year to year. Each year we consider each kiddo and how they're doing at school and if the current choice is still the right one for them. If I have any question about whether or not it is the right choice, I talk to that kiddo about it and pray about what the right situation is for them. So far the kids agree with us that our public schools are where they want to be. Will public school cause them harm somehow? Yup, I'm sure it will. Bullies, challenges, being given information contrary to what they know to be truth, chipped elbows from falling off the monkey bars. Life hurts :: but we believe that, for our kiddos, the good that comes out of the experience far outweighs the bad. Plus, that is the real world. There are mean people and people who believe differently than you. Life is hard. That is something you can't get around and a reality that, although I don't like it, is just that -- reality!

So, I am thankful for our schools and our teachers. And I'm so thankful that we are off to a good start this year.

Walking to preschool {how cute are they?} ::

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  1. Sounds like they are off to a great start. I love your writing about your schooling choice-it's important that we look at what best fits for our families and our kiddos and recognize that it may change from time to time. And, no place is perfect!


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