Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today we had our first games of the fall soccer season. I signed Rebekah, Lydia and Joe all up and got a message back that the 3/4 girls teams were all full and there wasn't a spot for Lydia . . . shoot! But then I found out that Rebekah's 5/6 team didn't have enough players, so I asked really nicely if they would take Lydia even though she wasn't technically old enough {plus, that would save me running people to practices and game for 3 separate soccer teams}. Rebekah's coach said it was ok with him, but he'd have to get it ok'd by the park and rec people. They agreed too, so I was happy {although Rebekah was a little miffed the she had to have her too-little sister on her team -- but when I explained that if there happened to be 3 soccer games that overlapped on a certain Saturday morning then it would be possible that neither of her parents could be at her game, but if she and Lydia were on the same team, they were pretty much guaranteed at least one parent}. So Joe is on a co-ed 1/2 team and Rebekah and Lydia are both on an all-girl 5/6 team.

Here are some shots from our really hot, no-win morning at soccer::


a extra-cute spectator::

um, you can see better if you actually face the game::

game 2 {did I mention it was at a totally different park? and started before the first one was done? convenient, huh?}::

run buddy::

out-standing in the field::

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