Thursday, March 17, 2011

thankful thursday

I'm so thankful for spring :: For melting. For sunshine. For the shrinking piles of snirt {snow + dirt . . . it's NOT a pretty thing} all around me. For grass peeking through. For hope of the end of winter. For the smell of rain and dirt. For flowers and new life. For puddles to splash in {or "in which to splash", which I'm pretty sure is the correct way to say that if grammar is important to you -- but since I don't think my dad reads this, it's probably safe the first way I said it!}. For going outside without a coat. For no longer needing to squeeze the van into the garage as often. For mud {no, I don't particularly like mud, but I do know that it is a necessary step in the process}. For longer days. I am thankful!

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