Friday, March 11, 2011

five {alternately titled :: not-so-flashback friday}

guess who's five months old already?
crazy, but true::
she's in her 6th month of life . . .
her 6th month of being a huge blessing to our family!
she even has a room corner of her own::
{and we made this corner all hers}
in the room she shares with her brother {the not not-as-big, big brother}
she's a bright-eyed, happy, busy girl who loves life and all the action of our family::
{but thankfully, she also loves her bed . . . and naps!}
that's our girl. we sure do love her!

{you're welcome, robin!}


  1. What a sweetie! Thanks for sharing pictures of your family. Cousin Connie

  2. I love her little corner-so sweet!

  3. These babies of ours will be turning one before we know it. : (

    She's a doll!!


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