Thursday, February 17, 2011

thankful thursday

I am so thankful, this week, for the glorious, unseasonable weather! The thermometer blew past the 50 degree mark yesterday by a couple degrees. In February. In Minnesota. Crazy! Grace! Things have been melting. Patches of grass {brown though it is} can be seen again. Puddles are everywhere. People are coatless {today I even saw a FedEx man in shorts and a short sleeved shirt!} The kids are walking to school without shivering. Doors stay open a while to let in the fresh air. I know it won't last, but for the time it is such a gift. Grace {as I'm learning from Ann}! And so, I give thanks! I hope you are giving thanks too and are enjoying springish weather, as well -- wherever it is you are in this big {and often small} world.

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  1. I have been loving this weather and soaking it all in!


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