Wednesday, February 9, 2011

diaper dilema


Clearly I'm no stranger to diapering. I've had someone {at times multiple kiddos} in diapers almost constantly for a dozen years {how is it that my "baby" is turning 12 next month? That doesn't seem possible!}. I've changed WAY more diapers than I would care to calculate. I'd like to think that I know what I'm doing by now!

Sweet, adorable Sara has really thrown me off my game lately. 9 out of 10 diapers I put on her in the past week or two leaks. I'm super fed up. As a general rule, we use a combination of cloth and disposable {cloth at home, disposable when we are out and about -- I'm not hard-core enough to cloth diaper on-the-go}. Anyway, I've tried all our cloth diapers {different styles, brands and sizes} and they leak. I've tried 3 brands of disposables. Even moved up a size. Still leaking! She weighs about 13 pounds and, I would think, should wear a size 2 disposable diaper. 2's leak. 3's leak. I'm not sure what to try next!

I really don't mind doing laundry. And, who doesn't like to "play dress up" with a sweet little girl and adorable, tiny clothes? But really, enough already! I'm getting a bit sick of changing her outfit {and often her sheets} with every change of her diaper!

I'm thinking maybe it's anatomical? She always leaks out the top front of the diaper. Maybe she pees straight up her belly and right out the top? Who knows. I guess I'll ask the doctor next time we're in . . . or maybe call her today even. I've changed enough diapers to know how much those suckers can hold, and these leakers are NOT at capacity, I'll tell you that!

It is now 4-something in the morning. I fed her. I changed her diaper. I changed her onesie. I changed her jammies. I need to change her sheets, but I can't do that without waking up her roomie. {Please, no!} So I just put her back to bed laying on a towel so she's not on a cold, damp sheet in the middle of winter . . . with her crib in the corner where 2 outside walls meet. In a house built in the 20's . . . not so toasty!} I guess I know what I'll be doing this morning!

Anyway, if you have any hints, ideas, suggestions or thoughts, bring 'em on! Please!


  1. wow, not sounding fun. I don't know if it would help or not but I'll share. O was older but we were having similar issues, I had a cloth diaper cover that velcro'd shut. I figured I would put that on OVER the disposible diapers we use during the night, cause somehow or other he was leaking. I'm not sure if it worked or he changed his peeing style or if the extra cinching of the cover helped close off the pee escape route. But I didn't have quite so much laundry to do. We did that for a couple weeks and then it wasn't neccessary anymore.
    Good luck.

  2. Hey Shana...I'm chuckling because I had the same problem with Aubrey when she started rolling to sleep on her belly. She'd leak up the front almost EVERY night and soak the whole bed. It was SOOO frustrating. I upped the diaper size like 2 sizes (for length) at night and also put an extra pad and then blanket/sheet over the middle of the crib so I wouldn't have to change the WHOLE thing. I seriously think it's anatomical as I never had that trouble with the others. Something else we've done: when Lauren was really sick with a parasite, she had terrible leakage issues (won't go into the details but it was HORRIBLE). We put her in pullups and wrapped a HUGE OB pad around her middle and taped it. Um, like, the ones that you get after having a baby...those gigantic ones! Ha! :-) It worked! It was necessary at the time and now it's just funny :-) Whatever works, right? Love ya Shana!!!!


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