Friday, February 4, 2011

flashback friday

I thought today for "Flashback Friday" we would continue in the spirit of last week by highlighting Joe's unfortunate, unique and quite random nose injuries::
{This is a fabulous picture. One that I would say is worth your time to click on so you can see it really big. Joe might possibly be the most facially (is that a word?) expressive kid I've ever met!}::

February 2009::
This particular injury happened EXACTLY one year after last weeks highlighted nose injury. {We got through February of 2010 without a nose injury, so hopefully we'll be safe this February too}.

This one left quite the scar.
Are you wondering what happened to him?
Well, I was standing right there, so let me tell you::
He was standing on the floor.
Pretty much just standing still.
Then he fell.
On the carpet!
There was nothing sharp anywhere near him.
There was nothing at all anywhere near him.
And this is how he looked when he got up from his fall {except right then it was gushing with blood}::
I have no idea how the soft-ish carpet sliced through his nose like that. But it did! Only Joe, I tell you. Only him! {I also have no idea why this is such a terrible picture. He hadn't been drinking. Or smoking anything. Despite how it looks. It's just a bad picture. However, it does show his nasty boo-boo quite well. Or at least better than any other pictures I had -- click to see it big to get the full effect!}

Enjoy the weekend!

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