Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This 'n that

I'm not thrilled with "Our Fabulous Family" as a blog title. I like the alliteration, but really there's LOTS of fabulous families out there. We don't have the corner on that one by any means! I think we're a pretty fabulous group, but really that's because it's my family and I'm pretty partial on that account. I'm pondering the right name. It hasn't quite come to me yet. If one day you open this page and it's no longer "Our Fabulous Family", never fear. You're still in the right place. It just means I found the right name finally. Just warnin' ya!

Dreams::they're crazy, don't you think? You start telling someone about your weird dream last night by saying, "Ok, so we -- me, you and Oscar the Grouch -- were at my house . . . but it wasn't really my house." Anyone know what I'm talking about? They are just bizzare. They usually are somehow loosely related to something that has happened in my day or something I have on my mind, but how all those weird unrelated things come together and converge through time and space into my imagination is just crazy! I've had some particularly weird ones lately {or I just happen to actually remember them, maybe!}. I could tell you about them, but really . . . you probably don't want to know!

A few completely random pictures from life around here lately::

3 more days of school this week and then it's spring break. Whoo Hoo! I'm really looking forward to it! The kids have the day off on Friday {the teachers have a workshop day} and then are off all next week. We can't really afford to go anywhere far from home -- you know, somewhere warm! {vacations with 7 people get pricey REALLY quick!} so we're staying home . . . and we're excited for our "stay-cation". Kirb being off will make it extra special. We have some fun, local {cheap or free} things planned and are looking forward to a great week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate too and we'll be able to enjoy some fun outside time. I imagine that will make quite a bit of yucky laundry with all the puddles and nasty, dirty leftover snow, not to mention straight-up mud that we have around here -- but I think I'm up for it, and hope to not squelch any fun the kids might want to have by thinking about the mess. Some of our plans include :: the zoo, Mill City Museum, MN History Center, swimming and a new game for the Wii {shh, don't tell the kiddos, they don't know yet. We've survived for nearly 3 months with Wii sports and Wii Play and are still enjoying it, but they'll be THRILLED with something new to put in the mix. Plus, I was a huge fan of the original Super Mario Bros, so I'm excited to play the new one -- but let's not tell the kids it's really for me, ok? Thanks!}

My dad will be home again this weekend. We're excited to see him again and hear all about his trip. If you think of it and want to pray for a safe conclusion to his {6th} trip to Ethiopia and safe, uneventful travels home, that would be splendid!

I just found some year-old breastmilk in my freezer. Bummer! What a waste of 9 oz. of "liquid gold".

Did anyone watch "The Office" on Thursday? I really, really hope so! Jim and Pam had their baby. It was hilarious {and that's an understatement}! I watched it again last night and laughed just about as hard {if not harder} the second time around. Even if you don't watch it normally, it was worth a peek. Granted, it is funnier if you have insight into the characters, but I think you would find it pretty funny regardless. I have something every Thursday night, so I don't watch each week by any means {or EVER, actually -- at least "live"}, but I knew I HAD to meet "the office baby". Good stuff! Check it out. {Just click here, and when that is done, click "next video" to see part II -- part II is even funnier than part I, but you really need to watch them both}.

So, what about you? Do you watch "The Office"? What do you watch? Had any weird dreams lately? Have a good new name for our blog? Willing to pray for my dad? Have any other great {cheapish} ideas for a family of 7 to do in Minnesota over spring break? Let me know!


  1. My thoughts, numbered but not really in order...
    1. You mentioned not having the corner on a fabulous family and my first thought was "You do have a corner!" I was thinking of where you live, ponder, discuss.
    2. Try out your Wii game BEFORE you buy, we didn't and bought a dud although I've heard SMB's is pretty good.
    3. The Office, always good for laughs. We have been focused on the one about "Crentist the Dentist." as the girls had dental appts. this week. Very funny episode. Check it out.
    4. Last week I sorted and relabeled my CD's with an old boyfriend all night, strange dream #1. Last night I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and looked really cute and had good hair but couldn't seem to get to the wedding location because I kept running into weirdo high school friends, strange dream #2.
    5. At this point I should have just called you and talked to you.

  2. i totally recommend Wii Sports Resort. but that's just me. and tommy. and tracey. and yes, even caleb likes it!

  3. Random responses to your random thoughts {ps, what a nice treat to have a blog on a rainy Tuesday};

    B -is for blog. I get that you don't totally love the name of your blog, but hey, you do say "Our" Fabulous Family {and you don't add, "is better than yours"}. I'm just saying.

    P - is for parents, I've been praying for yours, and a lot for your sweet mom, too. They are truly a gift, and what is even better is that you already know that and appreciate them {doesn't it bug you when people under-appreciate their blessings? Wait, I have to go take the plank out of my eye...}

    D - is for dreams, and especially the weird ones, that you can remember just enough of to really wonder if you have gone over the edge of reason. My latest that I remember was Jon's friend Mark leaving us a note that our roof was leaking. He had apparently stopped by {um, he lives in Stillwater, not just a few blocks away}, crawled up on the roof, peered into our house, found paper & pencil and somehow got the note into the house and on our dining room table. That was 3 nights ago. Isn't the rain nice today? Did I mention our roof is leaking? A flat roof on a 1940's addition to our 1920's house is, shall I say, a pain in the rain.

    C - is for cheap! Cheap date ideas - rent movies {or check out from library and/or friends} and have a PJ movie day at home, either in the daytime or the night time. You could have a "backwards" day too, pancakes for supper, hot dogs for breakfast...I guess that means lunch is still lunch, but hey, you wouldn't have to pack it :)

    Fort Snelling State Park's Pike Island is a great hike along the river, and their visitor center often has cool stuff to see and do {not the fort, but the park}. PLus on the hike there are trees hollowed out by nature that have cavities big enough for the kiddos to stand in!
    Afton State Park is another great cheap hike by the St Croix River.
    I think a day pass is $5 bucks per vehicle at the state parks.

    S- is for silly friends. Now I'm with Sheridan...a phone call would have been oh so much faster. Thanks for the day-brightening blog!

  4. Yes, We know that you love your family and that's what makes it Fabulous!

    I like the double binkie shot! Cute!


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