Wednesday, March 24, 2010

birthday kiddos

Yesterday began the crazy birthday season at our house::5 birthdays in 10 weeks. Jacob is now officially 11 and Rebekah is 9. It was a fun day, full of celebration!

Jacob's cake at Ama & BopBop's {we went to my parents house for birthday cake, since my dad had foot surgery on Monday and can't really get out yet!}::
Rebekah's turn::
How old are you?
It's getting tricky now that he's more than 2 hands worth, but he's a resourceful kid::
She's still got it easy::
The birthday kiddos waiting for the bus::
The "twins"::


  1. those cakes look delightful! You guys sure are party animals!

  2. Every birthday is special! Those cakes are really creative Shana. I'm glad my kidos are spaced out(well, as good as can be with 6). Tim's was neat cuz he was a Christmas baby, but I don't really like it now.


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