Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I know, I know, I'm really late. Sorry! But according to my clock it is still Thursday, so I'll make it in under the wire. I appologize if you've been checking and waiting all day to see what I might come up with to be thankful for on such a crazy, crazy day! {I won't go into to what all made my day crazy, but I will tell you that, by my best estimate, I took people in or out of a car seat 38 times over the course of my day . . . that's not including the dozen or so that Kirb, or my bigger kids, did. So, that alone qualifies it as a crazy day in my opinion. I won't even start with all the not-so-fun places we had to go to make all those buckling and unbuckling manuevers necessary!}

But I'm especially thankful today for our exceptionally wonderful pediatrician! Dr. Sackett is pretty much a member of our family at this point. She's been our pediatrcian since, roughly, Janaury of 2003 and, thus, has seen us through quite a bit! One of our trips in {at home}, and out {at the doctor}, and in again {when we were through at the doctors} of the van was to visit her.

Dr. Sakett knows my kids so well. Knows that Joe refuses to wear socks -- even the dead of winter. Knows that the kids {even the big ones, still} will be hiding under the exam table when she opens the door. Knows to pretend, every time, that I came to the clinic all by myself. What a lady!

A few years back we were having an exceptionally rough week health-wise and I think I was in the clinic 4 times in one week and she told me that on her way home on Friday of that week, she was going by our house {the fact that she knows where we live, in and of itself, is pretty amazing, I think!} and she said she almost stopped in just to make sure no one new had gotten sick since last we were there {that morning!}. Well, turns out she should have acted on that and stopped in, because we had to make a trip to the clinic on Saturday morning too, because someone had come home from school on Friday not feeling too hot and was in bad shape by Saturday morning. The receptionist at the time {who always called me "Stoll"} actually laughed at me when I called that Saturday morning, because I had said to her when leaving the clinic with one of the little kids on Friday morning, "I won't see you tomorrow, ok!" . . . I ended up eating those words. If only Dr. Sackett had gone with her gut and stopped on her way home on Friday my pride would have been saved a little hit . . . not to mention the co-pay! Oh well! We sure do love her anyway!

It's great to have a doctor that knows our kiddos so well and that we trust {and that we can ask medical questions of when we bump into her at Target}. Plus, she also went to Falcon Heights Elementary School, so my kids think that is super fun!

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