Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

Arguably my favorite picture ever in the history of time . . . that face, I could just eat him up! Couldn't you?


  1. These kinds of pictures just make a person want to bite chubby little cheeks!

    Do you keep a stack of old photos on hand to use for your Flashback Friday posts? Or are your photos so well organized that you can just get at the exact one you want at any given moment?

  2. Is this the one Kirby has as a cut-out on his desk? I always loved this picture. It's just so... Jacob.

  3. barb::no, i'm NOT organized. it's just kind of a random stack of stuff on my desk that occasionally has a winner in it for flashback friday!
    amanda::yup, that's the one! it really is great, isn't it?

  4. i could!! my little cakers. i love him.


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