Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Stuff

Good morning! Happy Sunday to you.
  • The Steven Curtis Chapman song, "Cinderella" was on the radio just a bit ago and Rebekah said, "I don't like this song. It's too sad. Also, I don't like that song about the boy buying the shoes for his mom either." Like mother, like daughter, I tell ya!
  • My dad made it safely to Ethiopia . . . at least we assume so. It's kind of his MO for us to not hear from him from the time he gets on the lightrail to head to the airport {he thinks it's easier to do that than to have someone drop him off at the airport -- don't worry, he had quite a few offers!} until he gets off the plane and would appreciate a ride home again. Sometimes he just takes the train home again and then he's just there again. No fanfare. That's the kind of guy he is. We're praying that he has another great trip {it's his 6th time going to Ethiopia}.
  • Tomorrow is our godson, Sam's birthday. He'll be 6. I'm not sure how that is possible. We went to his party yesterday. Time sure flies.
  • We have 3 birthdays in March {Jacob and Rebekah on the 23rd and Anna on the 28th} which kicks off the Stoll birthday season. All 5 kids have birthdays in a 10-week time period::Ready. Set. Go!
  • Kirb is speaking at the "Set Apart" women's conference at Northwestern College this coming weekend. I think this is his 3rd year as a workshop speaker. If you are going to the conference head over to one of his sessions and say "Hi".
  • Joey has kindergarten round-up {although they have dropped that name -- which I grew up with -- and just call it "Kindergarten Registration Night"} on Tuesday night. I'm not sure how that can be possible either. My little guy is getting so big. He's gonna love Kindergarten and being at Falcon with his siblings and riding the bus and all that fun stuff!

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