Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Last night was much better, thanks for asking {wait, you didn't ask? Well, I told you anyway}.

Today I am thankful for willing helpers, wonderful teachers {and other school staff} and our great school!

I am co-chair of our PTA's Hospitality Committee, which basically means we organize the meals for teachers throughout the year {welcome back breakfast during workshop week right before school starts, dinner during fall conference night and dinner during winter conference night -- thankfully, this year we passed the buck on the staff appreciation breakfast in May. It is it's own event now and not a Hospitality event}. Anyway, tonight is our winter conference dinner for the staff of my kids' school. So, a couple weeks ago I sent out an email with our planned menu and the things that we needed people to bring/make/donate to a group of people who had indicated interest in helping with such things on their "volunteer planner" that parents fill out in the fall. Within 5 minutes I had at least a dozen emails of people willing to bring food for the dinner. What a blessing! By about the 48-hour mark all but 2 or 3 slots were filled {and my friend, Ing, and I who are the co-chairs hadn't even signed up for anything at that point.}

I am also so thankful for the wonderful teachers and staff that we have at Falcon! They really are top notch and I'm so happy to be able to show a tiny bit of my appreciation to them in this way. Hopefully they will truly feel our gratitude as they fill up their bellies on baked potatoes, yummy toppings, chili, broccoli cheese soup, a few different salads and some homemade desserts! They have a long day today::teaching all day and then transitioning right into conferences {which, I imagine to not really be one of their favorite parts of their jobs!}. Some of them have conferences until about 9 o'clock tonight. And then they have to be right back at school first thing tomorrow morning. Thankfully it's Friday tomorrow and they'll have a couple days to recover from it all.

So, I'll be spending much of my evening at school. In the staff lounge. Setting up, taking food from parents as they drop off their items, organizing, greeting teachers as they come in to eat, chatting with them as they fill their plates, washing dishes and cleaning up. {I try to always leave the lounge in a little bit better state than I found it in}. I really find it to be a fun night and am looking forward to it . . . and looking forward to having it behind me for another year!

Thanks teachers. Thanks willing parents {and a couple grandparents}. I appreciate you. You have made my day!


  1. Glad to hear that night went better!

  2. I saw your comment over at We are THAT family...I have a 13 yr old daughter that has been where yours seems to me at if you want to chat about it. I know the frustration and strong desire to help well...

  3. What a wonderful thing to do for the teachers. I have sometimes brought teachers a treat (soup, muffin or coffee) when I attend a conference but this idea includes all the teachers. Thanks for be willing to "serve" others even when you are so busy yourself!

  4. Great way to love and serve! I am sure that your kids' teachers love having a mom like you around!


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