Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We're home! It feels so good to be home again. There really is "no place like home"!

I now present you with our road trip 2011 in numbers ::

  • gallons of gas used :: 247.8 gallons {at an average of $3.49/gallon that equals about $865 in gas -- WAY cheaper than flying 8 people to Florida and then renting a monster-sized van once we got there!}
  • time logged in the van since we left :: 81 hours 39 minutes
  • number of days away from home :: 15 days
  • number of nights spent sleeping in a hotel :: 4 nights
  • number of nights spent sleeping {or NOT sleeping} in the van :: 2 nights {while driving through the night}
  • number of nights spent sleeping in our rental house in Florida :: 7 nights
  • number of nights spent in a house en-route :: 1 night {with Kirby's grandma at her daughter's house in Indiana}
  • number of different state license plates spotted along the way :: 44 states {we never saw Colorado, Montana, Idaho, New Mexico, Hawaii, Washington DC or New Hampshire -- we did, however, see a few Canadian plates, but we didn't have a handy dandy game thing to keep track of those}
  • audio books listened to as a family :: 3 books
  • days spent at a Walt Disney World theme park :: 6 days
  • number of fireworks shows watched in Florida :: 2
  • pairs of mouse ears purchased :: 6 pair
  • number of fights between kids during the van trip involving hitting, kicking, pinching, yelling or hair-pulling :: too many to count
  • loads of laundry done since returning home 12 hours ago :: 3 loads {with more to come and quite a few done in Florida as well}
  • miles logged since we left home on June 14th :: 4,016.1 miles
  • length of time our trip will stay alive through stories, pictures, jars of sand, thoughts and memories :: forever {at least that is the hope}
After nearly 2 years of saving, dreaming and planning, our big summer Disney vacation is already over. It really was a great trip and I'm so thankful that we could do it. {Many, many, many people helped to make it possible for us to go in one way or another.} I really do think the kids {most of them anyway} will remember it forever. But, it's so very good to be back home!


  1. Love, love, love. We thought of you countless times while you were away and are so happy you had a wonderful time. We, too, said, "Those kids will remember that trip for the rest of their lives!"

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I can't imagine being gone 15 days and how great it feels to come home!

  3. Welcome home! Sounds like it was wonderful, albeit a bit exhausting. How awesome for your family to have these memories.

  4. Impressive on so many levels! A big road trip with a big family. Keeping track of all the stats. Doing laundry so soon. Still talking to your family. : )

    Glad you had a nice time!


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