Friday, June 10, 2011


Tonight as I was driving to pick up Lydia from my grandma's place I witnessed a wonderful kindness.

I was waiting at a stoplight and needed to make a left turn. The road I was turning onto is an absolute mess. It is under construction and will be for a mighty long time as they prepare it for the Central Corridor Light Rail. The street being in the state that it is makes driving on it a nightmare, but even worse than that is if you find yourself a pedestrian in the area and want to, let's say, cross the street.

So as it sit at the stoplight, I notice a motorcycle parked (but still with its headlight on) off to the side of the street -- clearly not a place it should be parked -- right there in the middle of a construction zone. I found it odd, but didn't think much of it. I also noticed a blind (I assume, due to the red-tipped cane) older woman holding the arm of a younger man (her son, maybe, I thought). They were both smiling and, obviously, sharing in a conversation.

The light turned green. The pair crossed the street. I yielded to the traffic coming straight. As I was just about clear to turn, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the man (probably in his 30's or 40's) run back across the street toward where he'd just come from. Weird, I thought to myself. He then proceeded to jump astride the oddly parked motorcycle (after putting on the helmet resting on the seat) and take off.

The reality of the situation hit me. I was moved to have witnesses this act of kindness and compassion from a stranger to a person in need. Not many people would have done that, I don't think. I was glad the woman had help to cross the street, in its dangerous, precarious state of disarray . . . but when I realized that that "help" came in the form of a stranger willing to stop his bike, hop off, park it where it risked getting hit and lend a hand, I wondered if I would have done the same. Would I have even noticed her there and realized her need for help? Or would I have been to caught up in my own world? Did she actually need the help even? I imagine not. She probably would have managed just fine. She might very well walk this same route often. Maybe even daily. I'm sure she would have made it safely across. But what an encouragement I imagine it was to her to know that someone noticed her situation. That someone cared. That someone was willing to take the time to lend a helping hand -- and share some smiles and small talk.

There are many wonderful people in this world and I always love it when I come across one of them!


  1. I love when i can see and hear about the random acts of kindness. Thank you for sharing

  2. Thaks shana -
    I have been avoiding facebook or reading only the essential(what I deemed essential) and your post caught my eye. I saw it last night and moved on, but today God brought me back to it and pushed me to open it. What an incredible visual touch of Jesus it was! I get so caught up in my to do list, that I myself may have been gumbling at the construction....I worry I might have even been irritated that someone would be trying to cross there....I will now be reminded to keep looking for the need to touch as Jesus would touch! You are a great blessing - open and wise to the things of God way beyond your years! May God continue to reveal himself as only he can!


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