Thursday, September 9, 2010

thankful thursday

First day of School, Fall 2010::

Lydia, 3rd grade
Jacob, 6th grade
Rebekah, 4th grade
One super-excited Kindergartener::

Here comes the bus::

Thankfully, we're off to a smooth start for another school year. Everyone seems to be getting into a groove with their new class and new teachers {Jacob had both of the girl's teachers in the past, so we are familiar with them and they know our family and Lydia, I believe, is still completely in love with her kindergarten teacher, who now is Joe's teacher. So, really, there is only 1 of the 4 teachers that is new to our family}. Our bus driver seems top notch and is super punctual -- which is a drastic shift from our bus driver last year, let me tell you! He has even been EARLY dropping the kids off after school both days so far. Which I think is fabulous!

Also, Anna got her stitches out yesterday and did great. She is healing up really fast and, if you are judging by her behavior, you'd never even know she cut her head wide open less than a week ago. My cough is still hanging on, but I can tell it is slowly getting better. So, those are the health-related things we have to be thankful for this week too!

Hope your fall is off to a great start as well!

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