Friday, September 17, 2010

sibling conversations

Overheard coming from the back of the van tonight {while Anna was sweetly singing along to "Oh, how I love Jesus"}::

Jacob: "We used to do that for hump day." {talking about something they did on Wednesday's in his 4th grade class, since Rebekah has that same teacher this year}
Rebekah: "What is hump day?"
Jacob: "It's what they call Wednesday."
Rebekah: "I don't get it."
Jacob: "Well, you know, because it's the middle of the week."
Rebekah: "I still don't understand what that has to do with humps."
Jacob: "Yeah, I really don't get it either!"

I just listened in, rather than interjecting, so they still have no idea why someone would call Wednesday "hump day". I loved hearing the conversation between them, though. Silly kids!

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