Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what's up with 2?

Lately, I've been waking up in the early morning . . . sometime in the 2 o'clock hour, and can't seem to get back to sleep. I'm tired. Really tired. I want to be sleeping again. But instead I just lay there flopping around, trying to get comfortable. Hoping to fall back to sleep. Usually, there's nothing in particular that woke me up. No crying baby, no kiddo scared from a bad dream, no snoring husband {well, usually that's not the problem}. I just wake up. And stay that way. Sometimes if I lay there long enough I'll fall asleep again. Unfortunately, I'm not a patient person and just laying there is not easy! Sometimes I get up and try to sleep again on the couch so my flip-flopping all over the bed doesn't wake Kirb up. Sometimes I just give up all together and read a book or pay some bills or make some cards or just get some general stuff done around the house {as long as it's not noisy stuff}. But even if I get lots of unexpected word done or finish a really good book, I'd still much rather be sleeping!

Fast forward 12 hours; a full revolution of the clock::without fail lately, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon I completely hit a wall. I can't do another thing. I'm completely worn out. I need a nap! Sometimes it passes rather quickly; I can lay down for a few minutes {hopefully with my eyes shut, but that can be dangerous if a certain smallish girl does not also have her eyes shut with sleep!} and feel better. Sometimes I got to bed and am still in my gross fog of yuck.

So, I wonder . . . what is it about 2 o'clock? I'm not really big on "lucky numbers" or such things, but for some reason I've always been partial to multiples of 3. I just like them, what can I say. Maybe 2 is just getting even for the years and years of preferential treatment I gave to her {or is it his?} neighbor #3. I kind of doubt it, but it's a thought!

Anyway, I guess until it passes I'll just have to push through that 2 o'clock hour for a while. Hopefully it won't last much longer!

To cheer up this post, here's a current picture of my favorite 2-year-old in the world! I have no complaints about her {well, I suppose I do. It involves markers . . . but that's not the point at the moment!} Isn't she a doll?

{For you really observant people who noticed that this blog entry was posted at 2:07 in the morning . . . good for you, that's impressive! But, nope, I didn't really write it at 2 in the morning. It was actually 7. But you can schedule blog entries to post whenever you want them to, so I thought it would be fun to have it be time stamped at that time.}


  1. Yes, she is! 2 am...2 pm...Do you have your days and nights mixed up?

    Watch your caffeine intake. Try eating whole grains for that afternoon slump. Try taking a walk in the afternoon to "wake" you up. If that doesn't work, try the walk in the morning.

    Good luck!

  2. Welcome to the 35 + years! I started doing the same thing at your age, however my time of record is 3:30a.m. I'm afraid to tell you that I still do it - not every night, but almost. It has simply become a part of my inner clock. I don't fight it - I find my way to my chair, pull out a book, my Bible, my journal, the newspaper, or just veg with God. I am now leaning toward memorizing scripture - just realized I could still do it. Sudoku and crosswords are what will eventually put me back to sleep - still in my chair - until Dave wakes me to say goodbye around 7:30. You may come to enjoy it as the only guarenteed alone and quiet time of your day - just you and God and your own thoughts and musings. You can be your own best friend!

  3. Shana,

    I'm with Terri. For me, it's all about hormones {mine of course not the pregnant variety but the perimenopausal variety}. It's been nearly 6 years, I wake anytime between 2:00-3:30AM. Not every night, but frequently. Maybe you, Terri & I could get together and visit? Just a thought...

    Once I got done being really annoyed and downright resentful about it,...well, I'm sometimes still annoyed, but I've learned keep a 30 minute rule. I will lay there, thinking and praying, often asking the Lord if there is anything in particular He was needing from me at that wee hour of the morning? If after 30 minutes I'm still awake, I just get up. Laundry, read, pray, cup of tea, whatever.

    One other random thought; the numbers 6 and 8 are divisible by 2...

    I'll pray for you to get sleep the next time I'm up in the middle of the night!

  4. Oh man. That stinks. Hopefully this isn't an indication of a new "schedule" with the new baby!

  5. Just wanted to comment that you received such nice suggestions from your other mid-night-waking friends :)


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