Tuesday, May 4, 2010

inquiring minds want to know . . .

Ok, after my engagement post last week, I got lots of questions:
  • How long after your engagement was your wedding?
  • How did you get THE moment captured on film?
  • Where are you?
  • Was I surprised or did I see it coming?
  • What did we do the rest of the day?
So, here are a few answers for the inquiring minds::

We got engaged on 4.29.95 {remember?} and our wedding was on 9.21.96, so that's nearly a year and a half . . . now I'd say that's too long to be engaged, but it is what it is. We wanted to wait until after I graduated to get married, but wanted to get engaged before Kirby did. So, that's that.

Kirby's fabulous roommate, Kevin, was following us {unbeknownst to me} and took the picture {and lots of others -- but these were the days of pre-digital, so when I say "lots", I mean a dozen or so, not 378 or something obscene like that} with a mega-zoom lens from the catwalk above -- we were at Lock & Dam #1 on the Mississippi {near the Ford Plant in Highland}. We were just trying to remember "why there?" and couldn't exactly remember. We like the river. We like Highland. It was pretty a unique location for an engagement? Rather private and not too crowded. At the Lock and Dam you walk down this walkway then up and over the river {and the lock} on a catwalk, then down some steps {where you feel like you are walking right INTO the river} and on another walkway right along the river. You can see the swiftly-moving water from the dam behind us.

Just curious, did anyone know that's where we were? I mean, anyone who didn't "know" before the post even started.

Not surprised at all! My super-romantic boyfriend {that's what he was at the time, remember?} gave me a little gift each day all week and then earlier in the day on Saturday {4.29} sent me for a manicure. Nope, no polish {are you surprised by that?} just prettier hands than usual and some shiny top coat! A little pampering for the hands that were sure to get more attention than they had ever before {or since, for that matter!}

Before "the big moment" we had a private, catered dinner at "The St. Anthony" {the fancy name for my parents house -- on St. Anthony Avenue -- also known as 2118 -- their house number. My grandma has always referred to past homes by their house number, as in, "remember that time at 6321 when we had that terrible snowstorm and your grandpa needed to go to the hospital?" -- true story about the Halloween Blizzard of '91 and if you were ever a victim of the driveway at 6321 and/or ever met my maternal grandfather, you know this would add up to a big deal!!} Ok, ok, back to 4.29.95 . . . my mom made the dinner {all the favorites of this super-picky girl -- she's an amazing cook, in case you didn't know!} and her best friend, Mimi, was our server {dressed in fancy, formal white and black!}. After our dinner we left and headed to the river. When that part was done, we headed back to "The St. Anthony" where some quick work had happened and the private, romantic restaurant for 2 had transformed into the venue for a big surprise party. Kirb's parents came down from Warroad. My Grandma and Grandpa {who died later that year . . . before the wedding -- the grandpa from the 6321 incident} were there. Kirb's aunt and uncle {and a couple kiddos} were there. Lots of our friends {but not some of them . . . one in particular who had just given birth to her sweet little "baby" Noah, who is now -- obviously -- a 15-year-old}. Anyway, the party was lots of fun and a big surprise and the first chance for my hands {actually just one of my fingers -- and it's new "outfit"-- if we're being honest} to get shown off. Then we went back to my dorm where we made lots of phone calls {no cell phones, mind you. You had to actually be in a physical place with a phone -- that even was attached to the wall with a cord (gasp!) -- to make calls to people} to all our friends who weren't at the party due to distance, and saw friends on campus. If I remember right, when I got home NONE of my roommates were there {there were 5 of them for pete's sake!} which was a little bit of a let-down, but they came home eventually and were very excited {although not a bit surprised!} for us! Alrighty, I think that about covers the day.

I think that should do it. Any other questions?

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  1. Great story! And as one of said roommates, I would like to apologize for not being home. Jeff proposed to me on 4.30.94, so this brought back lots of similar memories as I've been thinking of a lot of those same things lately. Thanks for sharing, Shana.

    Kristin W.


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