Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I love the art of Timothy Botts. I have for quite a while. We have probably half a dozen of his prints in our house. I also love the printed word and fonts and letters, I think that's why I resonate so much with his work . . . we have a few passions in common.

I also love this song {we had it at our wedding} and think he did a great job illustrating it:
And this one is a favorite of my kids:
I am thankful for art that has personal meaning and for how this artist, in particular, can bring words to life for me. We have the entire Bible illustrated by him sitting on our coffee table {it has over 350 color illustration of different passages of Scripture alongside the full text of the Bible, I love it!} . . . I need to open it up again for a new perspective.

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