Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday

What glorious weather!

After last week's constant cold rain and me complaining about being cold and the kids not being able to go outside and finally giving in and turning the heat back on about 12 hours before the return of summer and the 30 degree swing in temperatures, I'm thrilled to have the amazing sunshine and warmth we've been blessed with this week!

We've walked to school most days this week and it's already downright hot-ish by that time of the morning. I've been sitting outside watching the kiddos play and get dirty while I sip lemonade and read a book . . . in reality it's not quite as ideal as it sounds, but it really is quite wonderful, regardless! I've dried many of load of laundry in the sunshine and breeze . . . and even "bleached" a nasty, stubborn stain out of a white sundress of Anna's that I thought was doomed to be there forever. I could get used to this! Welcome summer, we're so glad to have you!


  1. I'm totally loving the warm weather. Our yard has not looked nicer- I do yard work while the youngest is straped to my back and the 2 year old runs a muck in the great outdoors. Thank you lord for sunshine!

  2. A very heart AMEN! {And, what are you reading?}


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